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Denon - AVR-889


AVR-889: 7.1 CH/5.1+2 CH Independent Zone Home Theater Receiver

Av. das Américas, 3500 | Bloco D | Sala 637 | Rio de Janeiro | RJ | 22640-102

Availability August 2008
Finish Black
Power Output; Watts Per Channel 100
All Channels Rated @ 0.05 THD  
All Channels Rated @ 0.08 THD
Weight: In Pounds 27.1
Width (inches) 17.1
Height (inches) 6.7
Depth (inches) 16.9

THX Ultra2-Certified  
Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit – D.D.S.C - D  
Processor(s) – Bit Depth and Type 1 - 21367 32-bit Floating Point
Dolby Pro Logic IIx – with Cinema, Music, Game Modes
THX Post-Processing – DPL (4.0), DPL2 Cinema, DD/DTS (5.1), ES Discrete (6.1), ES Matrix, Neo:6 Cinema  
THX Ultra2 7.1 Cinema, Music and Game Modes  
THX Surround EX Decoding  
Dolby Digital Plus  
Dolby Digital Surround EX Decoding
Dolby Digital Pro Logic II  
dts ES Discrete 6.1 Decoding
dts ES Matrix 6.1 Decoding
dts Neo:6 Stereo-to-Surround Cinema and Music Modes
dts 96/24 5.1 for DVD-Video Processing
Dolby Headphone  
HDCD Decoder  
Audio Signal Delay (Sync. Audio with Video signal) – By source
Pure Direct/Direct/Stereo Modes on Digital/Analog inputs
Stereo/Direct Modes w/Pure Analog Path
5-Channel Stereo Mode  
5-Channel Equal Power  
Video Game Mode
Wide Screen 7.1 Mode  
Mono Movie Surround Mode
Rock Arena Surround Mode
Matrix Surround Mode
Jazz Club Surround Mode
Virtual Surround Mode – For 2 Speakers/Headphones
Multi-Channel Stereo Mode 5/6/7
DSP Effect Modes 7
Auto Surround Mode (Analog or Digital Input Type)
Active Center Channel In All Surround Modes
Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit - Digital HD Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit - Digital HD
Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital+
dts-HD Master Audio
MP3 Decoding  
WMA Decoding  
HD Radio  
Neural Surround Mode XMHD

True 24-bit/96-kHz Digital Input Capability
True 24-bit/192-kHz Digital Input Capability (Denon Link & 1394)  
Assignable Digital Inputs
Digital Input – DENON Link 3rd (SACD Ready)  
IEEE-1394 Digital Audio Input/Output  
Digital Inputs: Coaxial 2
Digital Inputs: Optical 3 (Incl. Front)
Digital Outputs: Optical 1
Digital to Analog REC Out  
Analog Audio Inputs, Incl. Tuner 9
Phono Input
Source Function Renaming
Analog Record Outputs 2
Front Panel A/V Inputs w/Cover * Composite and S-Video * with Optical
Video Conversion –Composite to S-Video to Component
Video Conversion – Composite to S-Video to Composite
Video Conversion – Analog to HDMI
DVI/HDMI Video Inputs – Compatible with 1.1 Spec. – Multi-Channel Audio *1080p HDMI  
HDMI Video Outputs *1080p  
Composite Video Inputs 4
Composite Video Outputs 2
S-Video Inputs 4
S-Video Outputs 2
Component Video Inputs x Bandwidth - *Assignable *3 x 100
Component Video Outputs
6-Ch. External Analog Input  
8-Ch. External Analog Input
Banana Plug Speaker Terminals, All Channels
Cinema EQ
Front A/B Speaker Selector  
56 Station Auto-Preset Memory Tuning
Radio Data System (RDS)  
XM Satellite Radio 'Connect and Play' Ready – with optional antenna  
Sirius Ready
Direct Function (Tone Bypass)
Volume Control Un-muting
Selectable Muting Levels (Full/-40/-20)
Video Select Control
RS-232 Port – Third Party Remote Controllers  
RJ-45 Ethernet Port – Same Functionality as AVR-5805/4806  
PC Setup and Control Capability via RS-232C
IR Serial Remote In/Out terminals  
+12v Trigger Output - Assignable  
Multi-Source/Multi-Zone (*Uses REC OUT)  
Pre-amp Outputs for Multi-Zone
High Pass Filter for Multi-Zone Outputs  
Multi-Zone Pre-Amp Outputs – Selectable Output Levels  
Discrete Multi-Zone Composite Video Output - *S-Video also  
Discrete Remote Power On/Off, Source Selection and Volume for Main and Second/Third* Zones
Discrete Remote Source Selection for Zone 3  
Assignable Amplifier Configuration of Surround Back Channels  
Speaker Time-Delay and Level Controls: L/R, Sub, C, Surr. L/R, Surround Back
Pre-Amp Outputs Sub
Internet Radio  
iPod Port (Using optional AKP-100 cable)  
iPod Dock Control Port (Using optional ASD-1R Denon iDock)
USB Flash Drive Port  

Pre Labled Assignable Digital Inputs
BNC Digital Inputs - Audio & Video  
Digital to Analog Conversion Multi Zone Outputs  
XLR Analog Input  
XLR Analog Output  
Input Delete Function
Front Panel AV Inputs Inside Panel Composite & S-Video  
S-Video Down Conversion 2nd Zone  
Video Conversion Analog to HDMI Scaling 480p 720p 1080i 1080p
Faroudja DCDi Video Processing and Scaling FLI2310
Silicon Optix Realta HQV Processing and Scaling  
HDMI Video Output v1.1 Spec 1080p  
HDMI 1.3a Inputs 4 with 7.1 Uncompressed 24/96 Audio
HDMI 1.3a Outputs 1
HDMI Audio/Video Repeater Function
HDMI Video Switching Function  
HDMI Deep Color Support-36Bit
HDMI xvYCC Color Space Support
HDMI SACD Support  
Component Video Output 2nd Zone  
10-Ch External Analog Input  
Enhanced Power Amp Assignment  
Builtin WiFi Connectivity WiFi B/G certified  
Network Enabled  
USB Port with HDD Support  
Equal Power Amplifiers Y/7 ch
Low Impedance Drive Capability
High-Current/Discrete Amplifiers
Independent Power Supplies
Pure Audio Construction  
Toroidal Power Transformer  
Dolby Digital, dts and DSP Modes – Analog Devices, HammerHead SHARC
Dolby Digital, dts and DSP Modes – Texas Instruments Aureus  
AL24 Processing - All Channels